Vintage Fountain Pens: Hints and tips for Collectors
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Fountain Pens Collectors

A lot of collectors own one
(or mostly more) fountain pens by Samy Salem.
Though they have vintage fountain pens by Waterman, Dunhill, Montblanc, Parker or Namiki,
a Samy Salem Writing Instrument is often a piece of their collections. It is a rare and unique collectors piece like the Phoenix-Intarisa, the Neptun-Intarisa or the Jupiter.

Vintage Pens Fountain Pen

Information for Collectors

On the next pages we offer
informations for fountain pen collectors:
You can find helpfull adresses of Collectors Clubs and Fountain Pen Associations, also a list of some pens producers like Waterman, Dunhill, Montblanc, Parker or Namiki,

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